Courses in Moscow at AGPS 14.04. – 20.04.19


Courses in Moscow, at AGPS, 14.04.-20.04.19

The sunny Balkan summer is getting closer, but it is not only a period of vacations, it is a time of threat of forest natural fires, a time of increasing danger of fire of peasant houses and outbuildings, increased risks of damage to the natural wealth of the country and even the threat to human lives.

Taking into account all these factors, the Emergency Branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia has asked the RSGC to conduct courses in Russia, the Academy of Fire Protection courses for national service personnel on the topic of "Early Warning Systems and Warning Systems within the local government."

The candidates for these courses were Serbian and Macedonian professionals from their national services, who have extensive practical experience and work in this specialty.

The group consisted of ten people, the Serbian part was headed by Jivko Babovich, the head of the emergency management sector, which is responsible for risk management. and there were two employees from Northern Macedonia, Nikolcho Kirov and Mishko Pupalevski.

The whole course of lectures and practical sessions was planned in such a way as to show our colleagues the methods and methods used in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and the scientific and technical developments used to solve the problems of risk management by both professional "firefighters" and local administrations for example: the Russian structure "OXION" as a comprehensive system of alerts and warnings, its goals and objectives, management, operational regimes and possible personnel composition. The lectures provided materials on how to develop public information and alert systems in local catches and much more of practical interest to Balkan experts.

The courses were held in Moscow, at the Academy of Fire Protection, in the period from 14.04. 20,04,2019.

At the same time, the Academy management tried to organize the rest of the guests and their visits to the sights and museums of the capital.

At the end of the course, the Academy's certificates were presented with the completion of refresher courses.

I would like to note that the RSGC received a thank-you letter from the head of the Emergency Management Branch, Jivko Babovich, for the excellent organization of training and travel in general.