Nish – Geneva


Nish – Geneva

On 21 November, a video conference was held at the RSGC using the technical capabilities of the Centre for Crisis Management. This type of communication, in other words, the "television bridge", allows to discuss issues with those structures that own similar equipment.

This time, the RSGC was in touch with the headquarters of the International Civil Defense Organization in Geneva, where the Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia V.A. Puchkov was on a working visit at the time. Other participants in this video conference were the National Control Center (NCSCS) in Moscow, the universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, where Serbian cadets, the CENTOSPAS detachment and other FEMA structures are trained.

Russian Emergencies Ministry Minister Vladimir Puchkov expressed gratitude to all participants for the fruitful cooperation, noted the joint efforts in the field of emergency response and elimination, especially noting the role of the MOGO and the projects implemented by the organization in the field of data analysis and forecasting.

In his statement, the Secretary-General of MOGO called on his colleagues to continue to cooperate in the name of the noble tasks of civil protection and defence.