PARAGLIDING – N.PAZAR -19-21.04.19


PARAGLIDING – N.PAZAR -19-21.04.19

Sport and lifeguards

Serbia is a country of mountains, valleys and forests. Serbs love sports and actively participate in competitions. A marvelous Serbian climate allows you to play sports all year round. But there are sports that require caution and attention. This includes paragliding.

RSGC, together with local volunteer structures – the Serbian Rescue Team and the Mountain Rescue Service , is actively involved in ensuring the safety of such competitions. And now, the head of the Serbian Rescue Team (CCC) Danilo Budimir, appealed to the leadership of the RSGC with a request for help to ensure the safety of 50 athletes – participants of international paragliding competitions from China, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The competitions were held between 19 and 21 April this year in the vicinity of the city of New Pazar, Mount Khojevo and Golia, the length of the route – about 80 km. Strong gusty winds made it difficult to conduct flights athletes and forced rescuers to closely monitor the course of the competition.

Niva and the staff of the RSGC L.Radun and S.Stefanovic, who assisted colleagues from the KSS and its local branch of the Club Hawks, were ready for any surprises, but the competition ended successfully, the winners were awarded, and rescuers from Nisha returned to the Center with a sense of duty.

New successes in sport, Serb brothers!