Teachings in Ruma


Teachings in Ruma

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is actively involved in the training of the staff of the Emergency Branch of the Serbian Interior Ministry. These days, more than 20 Serbian specialists are improving their professional knowledge at the Universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

But at the same time, while preparing the RSPCA for conversion into a national and regional training centre, its staff are carefully studying the practical experience of Serbian colleagues in the local environment.

07.12. 2018, the center's employees, led by Deputy Director O. Ganiev, took part in large-scale final exercises at the National Training Center of the Emergency Branch of the Serbian Interior Ministry in Ruma.

The programme of exercises included various training issues – "Rescue and elimination of the consequences in an accident", training skills and rescue technology in the conditions of a smoky tunnel, extracting the victim from emergency vehicles of various types including "hybrid" – that is, the most pressing problems that Serbian fire rescuers have to face in their daily work.

Russian experts praised the level of organization of the exercises and the variety of issues raised. In addition, it was important to discuss the further synchronization of the joint plans of the RSGC and the Emergency Branch for the training of national staff and the development of training and training programmes.

A separate place was allocated to the training segment of the RSGC and, above all, the Sturm and the Rescue Trail, which were placed in the RSGC and whose use was already highly appreciated by the management of the Emergency Sector, along with the prospects of using the training classes, which will be supplied by Russia specifically for the RSGC in Nish.

The exercises in Ruma were an important step to improve the skills of Serbian firefighters, contributed to the development of a plan for their preparation in 2019, helped to determine the most relevant for the Serbian Interior Ministry training issues, which will certainly be reflected in the recommendations of Russian specialists in the preparation of training programs at the universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.