Balkan cynologists in Russia


Balkan cynologists in Russia

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre (RSGC) continues to implement its annual training programmes for local emergency service personnel from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Topics for the courses are outlined by the management of the national rescue services, then the RSGC makes a request to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, and Russian universities, on the basis of these requests determine the location of the courses and their duration.

The emergency sector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, on the basis of real necessity, requested the training of specialists for its cynological service. And so, between November 26 and December 1, 2018, a refresher course was held for specialists from Serbia and BiH. Balkan cadets were trained at the University of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in St. Petersburg, at a training ground in the village of Murino, and practical training sessions were organized to find victims in the forest and rubble. In addition, representatives of the Republika Srpska Mountain Rescue Service were trained in the courses. The theme of the classes is "Training of guide dogs to search in the open area and in the rubble."

During the training, colleagues from the Balkan countries were able to acquire new knowledge and improve their practical skills, thanks to the help of Russian instructors and, including from the cynological sector of the search and rescue service of the Kaliningrad region.

Courses on various topics have been held by the Centre since its inception in 2014, organized and financed by the Russian side. In just four years, 534 employees from Serbia, BiH and Macedonia have improved their qualifications at the Universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, and by the end of 2018 it is planned to hold 3 more training courses, including the discipline necessary for fire rescuers as "emergency medicine and burn therapy".

Currently, the Center, together with colleagues from the Serbian Interior Ministry, is preparing a training plan in Russia for 2019 and is further developing the training sector at the Center in Nis.