Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Vazduhoplovaca 1, 18000 Nish,
Republic of Serbia

+381-18- 4528-151

The RSHC was established to provide a number of humanitarian tasks on the territory of Serbia and other countries of the Balkan region. These include:

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center (RSHC) was established based on the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Serbia dated April 25, 2012, which was signed in the city of Niš (Serbia) by the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation and the Minister of Interior of Serbia. At the same time the Agreement on the approval of the Charter of the Center was signed.

The legal basis for the establishment of the Center was the Agreement between the Governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Serbia on cooperation in the field of humanitarian response, the prevention of natural disasters and man-made accidents and the elimination of their consequences dated October 20, 2009.

RSHC is an intergovernmental humanitarian non-profit organization with the rights of a legal entity. The Center is registered in the Republic of Serbia in accordance with its legislation.

In future, the Center is seen as a full-fledged international structure that provides aid and assistance in emergency humanitarian response to all the countries of the Balkan region.

The Center is open to join by any country or organization that is in solidarity with its goals and objectives.

The Center is managed by Director and Co-Director, who are elected by the Russian and Serbian parties on a rotational basis for a period of two years.

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is located in Nish, Republic of Serbia.

One of the priorities of the Center is the work on professional trainings, conducting seminars, participation in exhibitions.

The Center actively organizes trainings for specialists, engaging the possibilities of higher educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia. More than 500 specialists of emergency services from the Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia were trained in these universities from 2014 to the end of 2018. 

RSHC cooperates with public and educational organizations, assists in organizing recreational and sports children’s camps in Serbia, invites Serbian youth to participate in gatherings and camps held in Russia (Noginsk, Kaluga, Rostov-on-Don, Sergiev-Posad, etc.).


In 2019, a permanent exhibition of manufacturers of fire and rescue equipment of Russian and foreign companies was organized at the RSHC.


EMERCOM of Russia and the Ministry of Interior of Serbia conducted the largest specialized international exercises with the Head Quarters in the RSHC.


Center has the status of an educational and logistic center of the ICDO.


In August 2017, the Center provided the use of a helicopter MI-8 of EMERCOM of Russia in Serbia, which prevented the spread of forest fires.


Since 2016, the RSHC has being an affiliated member of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO)


In the autumn of 2015, 3 temporary shelters for refugees on the Serbian-Macedonian and Hungarian borders were equipped with all necessary supplies organized by the RSHC.


In 2015, the Russian side handed over 18 fire and rescue vehicles, 4 robotic complexes, and 20 Lada Niva vehicles to the fire and rescue units of the Sector of the emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia.


In May 2014, the Center’s operational response capabilities were demonstrated during the devastating floods in Serbia and other countries in the Balkan region. Russian rescuers were the first to come and help Serbia. During two days, they evacuated over two thousand residents from the flood zone in the town of Obrenovac. As part of this operation, over 140 tons of humanitarian supplies were delivered to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina by air force.




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