Cooperation between RSHC and local organizations


Cooperation between RSHC and local organizations. On June 20, under the patronage of the administration of the city of Niš and the region of Nišska Banja, the city sports organization “Safari Club” organized and held citywide competitions – the 25th “Nishava regatta”.

The current Regatta is a boat ride from the suburb of Niš & nbsp; to the city center. The heavy rains that had passed the day before caused an increase in the water level in the river, an increase in the speed of the current, the appearance on the route of congestion from the flooded trees brought by the current, as a result, several boats were overturned by a strong current.

During the regatta, the employees of the Center provided assistance to ten participants of the competition (including two children), two victims were taken to the boat of the Center, provided assistance, including medical assistance to all those in need. The regatta was completed successfully, and its organizers expressed gratitude to the employees of the Center for their help. and cooperation.