Delegation of EMERCOM of the Kyrgyz Republic at the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center


On July 24, 2021, a delegation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic headed by Minister Boobek Azhikeev, a delegation of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia headed by the State Secretary and Co-Chairman of RSHC Board Bojan Jocic, as well as Deputy Secretary-General of the International Civil Defense Organization Andrey Kudinov visited the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center.

The distinguished guests were met and accompanied by the Center director Bojan Kostic and co-director Evgeny Filatov.

The main steps of creating and forming the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and its material and technical base were demonstrated.

Training exercises and practical professional skills of firefighters-rescuers of the Emergency Management Sector were presented at the complex “SHTURM”. The work of the fire department of Nish airport “Constantine the Great” was shown at the ground “The Rescuer Path”, same as skills of a specialized team to rescue people from the rubbles at the training ground “Betonyerka”.

The technologies for practicing rescuing people in various conditions aroused great interest of the guests. They expressed a desire to use the presented solutions in the training of fire and rescue units of the Kyrgyz Republic.

An agreement was reached on providing scientific and consulting assistance by specialists of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center to create a similar humanitarian center in the Kyrgyz Republic.