Emergency assistance to municipalities in southern Serbia


After heavy snowfalls and freezing rain in Leskovac municipality, snowdrifts formed and multiple power line breaks took place. At the city administration’s request to provide the local population with an uninterrupted power supply during the repair work, on January 15th the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center handed over 120 kW diesel generator.

Based on the appeal of the chief of the Emergency Management Department of Svrlig municipality, where more than 200 families in 10 villages stayed without power supply due to the breakage of power lines, the Center operational group handed over four generators on January 20th.

 A 120 kW diesel generator was handed over to the Lebane municipality on January 21st. The assist request was sent to the Center from the municipality due to the mountainous region’s unfavourable weather situation.

Two generators with a capacity of 10 kW were transferred to the neighboring municipality of Medvedja based on an appeal from the chief of the local Emergency Management Department on January 23rd. Two mountain villages supplied electricity that way.

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center continues to monitor the situation, ready to provide assistance and respond following the needs and requests of the Emergency Management Department and Heardquators of municipalities at risk.