Firefighters of EMS of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia at the competition in St. Petersburg


With the assistance of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, the national team of Serbia took part in the 43rd V. Dekhtyarev gas and smoke protection competition in St. Petersburg. The conditions were as close to reality as possible and included two exercises: overcoming the psychological fire zone with the fire search, search and evacuation of the “victim”, “property”, the use of specialized tools, deployment and conducting surveillance in breathable conditions, and the elimination of the fire.

 As part of the training, the Serbian firefighters-rescuers, together with the RSHC instructors, worked out the necessary skills and tactics at the training grounds of the Center. The Serbian team took 7th place out of 10 participating teams, ahead of experienced and trained firefighters from Kaliningrad, Volgograd and Karelia.