Hungarian volunteers-rescuers at RSHC


From June 15 to 20, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center hosted a course for eleven volunteers-rescuers BUDA from Hungary. Course topics: collapse search and rescue, first aid, and firefighting.

Volunteers received theoretical and practical knowledge of conducting search and rescue operations in rubble and the basics of mountaineering, first aid, and firefighting as part of the training. At the same time, the main emphasis was placed on the practical part. The “Zaval” (Blockage) simulator was used and installed at the Center’s new training ground, which was under construction for the first time. This training facility allows, in conditions close to real ones, the practice of the actions of a rescue team in collapsed buildings and structures, which includes the dismantling and stabilization of structures and searching for and extracting victims from the rubble.

Since 2016, the RSHC and the BUDA volunteer team have been working together, conducting joint field training, and participating in the EVOLSAR international exercises.