In Memoriam


On October 24, 2022, our good friend, colleague, mentor, the highest qualification expert, and leader of the international community of firefighters Mikhail Safronenko passed away.

He recently devoted himself to developing the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and numerous other projects. For people that knew him, Mikhail is always at the forefront because he is the real “Rus”, the true embodiment of the Russian World and genuine Generosity, a real fighter with the fires, “Extinguisher” (in Russian: “Tushila”) as the experienced fireman who has passed the test on strength in a fire. This person was always burning with new extraordinary ideas and initiative.

Mikhail’s career path began back in 1988 when for the first time, a frantic desire for collaboration and help to people led him to Armenia, where, as a young man, among professional rescuers and volunteers from all over the world, he took an active part in the elimination of the consequences of the earthquake which destroyed half of the republic.

During his short but so bright and filled with thousands of extraordinary situations life path, Mikhail took part in 1256 rescue operations. He saved the lives of more than 280 people.

The wealthiest life and expert experience of Mikhail as a class 1 rescuer who gave years of his life to working in the Central Airmobile Rescue Squad of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, ensuring the safety of infrastructure facilities in different regions of Russia (Moscow, Republic of Tatarstan, Republic of Mari El), Africa and the Arab countries, allowed him to train and improve knowledge thousands of specialists around the world. Most of them are from Serbia, which has filled his soul with beauty and warmth. Mikhail generously shared his unique knowledge with instructors and cadets of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, students of the University of Belgrade, specialists of the fire and rescue services of “The airports of Serbia” and “NIS”, journalists, and volunteers.

We are all grieving this irreparable loss and consider it our duty to continue the work of our Brother, whose name will never be hidden in the smoke of fires with which he fought all his life but will be in the hearts of the people who knew this truly strong, sympathetic and at the same time a very humble Person.