Lectures and conferences online


At the invitation of Banja Luka University (the Republic of Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina), representatives of RSHC gave lectures at the Faculty of Security Science. The methodological foundations were covered in detail: risk management in emergencies; protection of critical infrastructure facilities; radiation, chemical, and biological protection of the population during emergencies; creation of a situational control center in crises “Safe (Smart) City” and the integrated center for emergency calls by a single number “112”, automated warning systems and monitoring the safety and life support of buildings and structures.

At the invitation of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, in November this year, the Center representatives, via videoconferencing, took part in international conferences of the Academy of Civil Protection, the Academy of the State Fire Service, and St. Petersburg University of the State Fire Service.

The reports at the conferences considered international experience in creating technologies for protecting critical infrastructure facilities and using automated systems to support management decisions in emergencies.