Youth of Serbia and RSGC – Soko Bagna


Youth of Serbia and RSGC – Soko Bagna

On June 10, 2019, in the suburbs of Soko Banya, the village of Trubarovac, the grand opening of the Youth Sports and Education Camp (Camp) was jointly organized by the Soko Bagna administration, the Serbian Mountain Tourism Union and the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center. Vladimir Milovanovic, deputy head of the Soko-Banya community, opened the camp.

Twenty-five children will stay in the camp until 16 June, and activists of the Serbian Mountain Tourism Union, acting as teachers, will introduce them to various aspects of mountain tourism. The RSPCA, for its part, provided tents, beds and blankets.

Activists of the Union have created a rich and interesting sports-educational program, and the small participants, being in this camp, located in a picturesque area near Bovan Lake, learn a lot about living in a field camp, hiking in the mountains, providing first aid.

RSGC, at the request of the Serbian Mountain Tourism Union and in cooperation with the administration of the city of Soko Bagna, understanding the importance of education of patriotism and love for the native country, participates in the organization of such fees for the second year.

Highly appreciating the role of this aspect in the lives of young people, the management of the RSGC, along with the resolution of the Center’s profile tasks, plans to continue to work with the young generation of the country, together with various national volunteer structures.