Rescue training on the water in winter


Rescue training on the water in winter

From December 9 to December 16, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations was trained at the University of The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry in St. Petersburg. The theme of this course is "Saving and working on the water in winter and on ice." Classes were held at the University, with trips to the River Neva, where practical classes were held with instructors from the search and rescue service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. Severe weather conditions at this time of year in St. Petersburg were an additional challenge to the Balkan specialists, who brilliantly coped with the tasks. This group consisted of rescue firefighters who are part of specialized rescue teams on the water of the Emergency Branch of the Serbian Interior Ministry from different units throughout Serbia. The topic of rescue in winter conditions is not new for the Representatives of the Branch, as in previous years the Centre has already had the opportunity to organize training on this topic.

As part of the course, the group also visited the Specialized Part in St. Petersburg, which is one of the best in the entire Russian Federation.

On the basis of voluntary questionnaires it is possible to understand that all the firefighters-rescuers who felt in training were satisfied, and many of the organization and the knowledge exceeded all expectations. This proves that the Center, in cooperation with the University, once again successfully organized a refresher course in the outgoing 2018.

The organization and conduct of such courses is another contribution to the RSGC in improving the level of training of Serbian colleagues and, in general, strengthening the friendship between our peoples.