“Rescue from the height”: ICDO course at RSHC


From June 12 to 16, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center organized and conducted a “Basics of rope rescue operations” training course for representatives of 8 member-states of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO). Rescuers from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Serbia, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia arrived for training at the Center.

The course program included theoretical and practical parts. First, the participants got acquainted with the terminology, principles, and methods of rescue operations at height and various forms of natural and manufactured relief and worked with ropes and other climbing equipment designed to ensure safe work and evacuation of victims. The rescuers used the knowledge gained in the classrooms at the training ground “The Rescuer Path,” practicing knitting knots, insurance, self-insurance, vertical descent ascent of the victim, and much more.

All participants completed the course and received ICDO certificates.

Information published on the International Civil Defense Organization website: https://icdo.org/newslist/news.html?idd=97