Russian rescuers on spele exercises


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Russian rescuers on spele exercises

The new rescue team of the RSGC went to us on the second day of its stay in Serbia. Kopana Glavica to participate in the international caving exercises "Suvi Ponor 2017." More than 70 rescuers, professionals and volunteers, from Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland, Russia was represented by the team of ROSSOUSPAS.

To ensure this international training, the Centre provided two tents and heating stoves for participants and organizers. Together with the emergency firefighters of the Kraguyevtsa and Bora Emergency Branch, the center's rescuers transported and evacuated the victim from the cave with the help of a hinged crossing. At the same time, the main task is to develop search and rescue skills in a natural cave, plus the effective interaction of participants in the working group was performed.

This is not the first time that the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre has participated in such exercises, sending staff and providing the necessary equipment. Recall that in October the RSGC has already participated in European spele exercises in Bulgaria, held under the auspices of the European Association of Spaleologists-Rescues (ECRA):