Doctors in Moscow


Doctors in Moscow

The Russian Serbian Humanitarian Centre continues to implement plans to cooperate with its counterparts from the Republic of Serbia in improving their skills in the most sought-after areas of fire rescue, as well as other specialists who assist and assist the Balkan firefighters in their daily difficult and sometimes extremely dangerous tasks.

In this case – it's doctors who help rescuers in getting their wounds and burns, the firefighter, saving the lives of other people, must be sure that if his life is in danger, then he will definitely come to the aid of qualified medical professionals.

Without boasting, we can say that Russian doctors have a wealth of experience and the most modern knowledge and skills on the technology of wound and burns treatment.

And now, six experienced certified Serbian doctors have undergone a specialized internship in the city of Moscow on the basis of the burn center (NMIC IM). A.V. Wisniewski), from 25.03. 30.03.2019.

Russian specialists shared their knowledge with Serbian colleagues and introduced them to the latest advances in the treatment of wounds and burns.

This is the second "medical" courses organized by the Center in Russia. Realizing the importance of this issue for the Serbian emergency service and for Serbian medicine in general, the first courses were organized in December 2018 at the Russian Emergencies Ministry's Emergency Medicine Center in St. Petersburg.

According to Serbian guests, accommodation, food and cultural programmes were also organized at a high level.