Congratulations from the Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia on Victory Day


Dear colleagues, dear veterans!

Please accept my warmest and most sincere congratulations on this great holiday – Happy Victory Day!

On May 9, we pay tribute to the feat of our soldiers and home guards – those who gave their lives for peace on earth. The Great Patriotic War became a test for the entire Soviet people. His unwavering fortitude, heroism, and loyalty defeated the enemy and protected us from fascism. Firefighters and air defense specialists were a shield that defended against enemy military planes, the population, and strategically important facilities.

Our generation is blessed with the courageous example of our liberating fathers and grandfathers. We owe them our very lives. It is our solemn duty to etch their heroic deeds into the annals of our nation’s history, passing on this legacy from generation to generation. As descendants, we bear a monumental responsibility – to safeguard the homeland and uphold the interests of our country.

Even today, the deminers of the Ministry of Interior of Russia continue to clear the echoes of war. The ammunition left behind from the battles serves as a poignant reminder of history for all humanity. Presently, firefighters-rescuers toil in the most challenging conditions in the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions, faithfully performing their duty. Their task is arduous, but our fighters bravely rise to the challenge.

On this important day, I wish everyone good health, a good mood, well-being, and a peaceful sky above their heads! May the Great Victory fill souls with faith in the inexhaustible strength of our multinational people and inspire us to serve the Motherland.

Alexander Kurenkov, the Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia