Group of Serbian Doctors at VCERM


Group of Serbian Doctors at VCERM

The service of fire-rescue is complex and dangerous and, unfortunately, it happens that by rescuing others, they themselves become victims of extraordinary circumstances. Aware of the rich experience of Russian doctors working in the field of disaster medicine, the Emergency Branch of the Serbian Interior Ministry asked the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center to organize a specialized training course for Serbian doctors.

The RSGC, realizing the importance for the national emergency service of the course "Kombusthyology of Emergency Situations with classes in the simulation center", organized its holding between December 17 and 21, 2018 on the basis of the "All-Russian Censorship of Emergency and Radiation Medicine im. Nikiforova (VCERM) of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the city of St. Petersburg. Doctors from the clinical centers of Belgrade and Nisha, as well as the deputy head of the department for health and safety of the Serbian Interior Ministry were invited to participate in the courses.

A group of Serbian doctors familiarized themselves with the structure of VCERM-a, modern methods and equipment for emergency medical care, focusing on burn therapy. Two workshops and a workshop were held, classes on medical technologies for critical burns, the possibilities and prospects of surgical correction.

Practical classes were held at the St. Petersburg Institute of Emergency Medicine. Serbian specialists familiarized themselves with the work of the housing center, the intensive care unit.

According to Serbian experts, courses of this kind are extremely important and necessary for Serbian medicine in general, as well as for the leadership of the Serbian Interior Ministry, which pays great attention to the employees affected in rescue operations.