Youth of Serbia and the RSGC (Gytoraj)


Youth of Serbia and the RSGC (Gytoraj)

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre pays great attention to working with Serbian youth – receiving invitations from Russian humanitarian organizations to participate Serbian youth in camps and gatherings held in Russia. Of course, the leadership of the Center helps in organizing such trips, during which young men and women from Serbia get acquainted with the lives of their Russian peers.

Most recently, a group of guys from Belgrade and Nisha visited the sports-profile international training camps in Azerbaijan, and on June 4 another group from the city of Shitoraj, at the invitation of the historical-patriotic center Peresvet, went to Russia, in the vicinity of the city of Sergiev-Posad. For two weeks they will live in tents, get acquainted with the history of Russia, visit the historical sites of the region.

This is the second trip to Russia of the children of one of the schools of this town. The first trip took place last year and all participants, both Serbs and Russians, were very pleased. This year, the administration of the Peresvet Center, going to meet the request of Serbian friends repeated its invitation.

The first photos from Moscow show that young Serbs are happy with their journey.