The period of vacations and holidays is coming to an end and the second half of the 2019 school year is approaching.

The RSGC conducts the necessary preparatory work – the training plans are being finalized, the universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia are determined, where the courses will take place, the national training base is being prepared.

The most important event for the development of the Centre and its preparation for the new school year is the continuation of work on the transformation of the RSGC in Nis into a full-fledged national training center of the Emergency Sector of the Serbian Interior Ministry. which should be part of the existing Serbian system of training firefighters and rescuers, professionals and volunteers.

Currently, the Center has the following training elements: the climbing wall "The Rescue Trail", UTC "Sturm." Equipment for the following classrooms is being completed, which will be deployed in the new classrooms:

"Eliminating the consequences of a natural nature" – to teach the rules of response to emergency natural nature.

"Eliminating the consequences of man-made emergencies" – to train the work with rescue equipment.

"First Aid" – is designed to train first responders.

"Computer class" – for teaching any subject, testing and distance learning.

In addition, for September, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation is scheduled to have refresher courses on the following topics:

Organization of international humanitarian assistance at emergencies;

Safety rules when dealing with PPs;

The system of vocational education in the universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Russian employees of the RSGC will continue to hold lecture and practice sessions in Serbia, and the Center expects rescuers from Hungary and other countries.