Wreaths 30.07.19


Wreaths 30.07.19

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, along with its professional tasks, devotes a lot of time to working with the population of the city of Nisha, maintaining the closest contacts with public and educational organizations.

Employees of the RSGC are dear guests at rallies and public meetings of the city, they are waiting, they are sent invitations.

And now, an invitation to participate in the celebration of the 180th anniversary of the medical service of Serbia and laying flowers to the monuments associated with this event, on the territory of the military hospital in Nish.

Here, the RSGC also laid a wreath at a plaque in honor of the Russian medical personnel who assisted Serbian citizens during World War I. It is a sign of remembrance of the friendship of the Russian and Serbian peoples. The sign was erected in 2015 by the Center's staff to commemorate the events of that war. . And the results of that Russian detachment are evidenced by the fact that in February 1915 the Serbian government approved a plan to ensure the sanitary condition of Nisha and transferred the city and its surroundings under the full medical supervision of Russian medics, so that the typhus epidemic that engulfed the region by the end of April significantly weakened, saved the lives of thousands of Serbs …

I would like to add that this sign is the fourth sign prepared with the participation of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center during his years in the brotherly country – and all of them – symbols of friendship of the peoples-brothers: a monument to the Soviet soldiers who fell for the freedom of Yugoslavia in World War II, a memorial to the Russian sappers who cleared the airport "Constantine the Great" from the NATO bombs, a sign about the work of the Russian hospital in the city of Prokh.

On behalf of all the staff of the Center, V. Gulevich and N. Grozdanovich laid wreaths. The presence of the guard of honor and the military orchestra emphasized the solemnity of this moment.