Three weeks ago, the international exercises "SERBIA-19" organized by the Serbian Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia successfully ended.

On the final day, the leaders of the exercises noted all participants – rescuers and firefighters, who directly implemented the program and the scenario of this unique event for the Balkans.

Perfectly conducted exercises were perfectly prepared and provided – the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia was able to successfully solve the most complex issues on logistics in a short time, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia organized and delivered personnel and equipment to Serbia.

Communication was one of the most difficult areas of work to ensure the exercises. It is the work of Russian and Serbian specialists in this area that has allowed to observe the exercises in the CIS countries, Geneva, Brussels, the Middle East and Cuba.

The leadership of the Russian Serbian Humanitarian Center, on behalf of the leadership of the exercise, on behalf of all the staff of the Center expressed heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in the preparation and conduct of the exercises Serbian colleagues, technicians, liaison officers, programmers, those whom we did not see on the screens, but thanks to the work of which the world could watch the events in Nis , Prokupla and on the Bovan Lake!

On July 23, the Center hosted a solemn event to which these people were invited. Director of the Center V. Gulevich and other speakers expressed gratitude for their contribution to our common cause and presented them with commemorative signs of the RSGC