Participation of the Center in the CSTO International Youth School


On November 11, at the invitation of the EMERCOM of Russia, the Center representatives took part in the IV International Youth School of the CSTO “Topical Issues of Eurasian Security. Protection of the Population and Territories from Emergencies”. The participants learned about modern challenges and threats, Eurasian security and ways to strengthen it, the main areas of research in the field of Eurasian security in all fields.

Based on the conference results, recommendations to protect the population and material and cultural values ​​from the dangers arising from military conflicts and emergencies were made.

At the event, with a welcoming speech from RSHC and the report on the topic: “Methodological base of the creation an integrated system for ensuring the life safety of the population”, spoke RSHC Deputy Co-Director S.A.Kachanov.