RSGC and the Ambulance Service


RSGC and the Ambulance Service

After a series of training sessions in Belgrade and Sombor, conducted by RSGC staff for a local audience on the interaction of emergency services working together in the face of road accidents and other emergencies, Serbian colleagues requested a similar training session in Belgrade for city service officers. Aleksandr zubov held this practical seminar, which was attended by more than 30 medics.

The speech was based on examples from Russian practice in this area, including the interaction of various services on the emergency site and the system of coordination and interaction. A. He gave examples from his practice, when it was necessary to prioritize actions at the scene and to carry out psychological training, especially in cases with a large number of victims.

Serbian colleagues were very interested in the practical interaction of the services – fire rescue, police and ambulance and the problem of priority of these services. It was said about the organization of a unified state system for the prevention and elimination of emergencies in Russia.

These issues are now extremely important for the whole of Serbia, as the implementation of a nationwide emergency alert system is under way, a so-called "112" system that is in the process of being developed.