Training courses at the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations St. Petersburg (18.05.-01.06.2019)

The trip to St. Petersburg, the University of Fire Service (FEMA) was organized for specialists of the Emergency Branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia and the Department of Rescue from Northern Macedonia. The group included 10 emergency sector staff, led by Radomir Smiljanic, and a departmental officer from Northern Macedonia, Shainoski Clement.

The training theme of the courses for Balkan specialists is "Conducting search and rescue operations on mountain rivers."

Emergency service personnel of Serbia and S.Macedonia are not new to their business, they all have great practical experience and in their daily activities in their countries are constantly working in this area, and new knowledge gained from Russian colleagues should help them to carry out their professional tasks even more at a higher level.

Classes were held in specialized classrooms and in the University's swimming pool, as well as in practice sessions on the shuya Mountain River in the Republic of Karelia, during which the topics "Mountain River Movement Techniques" and "Mountain River Search and Rescue" were practiced in a real-world setting.

At the end of the course, the certificates of professional development were presented solemnly.

To visit St. Petersburg and not get acquainted with its sights – it probably would not be very right – so in his spare time colleagues from Serbia and S.Macedonia familiarized themselves with the sights of the Northern Capital of Russia and even visited the football match of the team .senit.

I would like to remind that these courses are one of the planned activities implemented in the universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, which are aimed at improving the skills of colleagues from the Balkan states. The courses are organized at the request of the Emergency Branch of the Serbian Interior Ministry, and the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Fund and Organizes These Trips, contributing to the strengthening of the friendship of our peoples.