Youth of Serbia and RSGC


Youth of Serbia and RSGC

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre, along with the tasks of participating in emergency response activities, humanitarian assistance and other specialized tasks provided by the Charter of the Center, pays great attention to working with youth national structures – educational institutions of scouting organizations and just Serbian guys.

Here in Serbia, rescuers from the RSGC help to organize meetings and camps, hold classes and exercises in schools, give lectures.

But at the same time, the Center organizes trips of Serbian youth to Russia, where the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, as well as sports and patriotic organizations hold various training sessions and classes in the summer, devoting a lot of time to competitions, training obS-basics of life safety and other interesting and useful activities. Similar gatherings were held at the FEMA training center in Noginsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov on the Don, Kaluga, Sergiev Pasada.

Usually, the training camp lasts 7-10 days, during which the guys participate in competitions with peers from other countries and regions, study topical topics in the classes, and, of course, a large place is occupied by cultural events. All this helps to establish friendships, helps to get to know your peers from other countries.

And this summer, between June 22 and July 1, a Serbian team of 7 went to Azerbaijan, in Gabala, . where she took part in the international children's and youth competitions "Young Rescue" where teams from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, Serbia of Turkey and Ukraine were also invited.

The competition was organized with the support of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan.

The guys passed the fire relay, obstacle course and cross on rough terrain.

The Azerbaijani side organized an excellent cultural program, there were evenings of acquaintances and amateur activities, where each team presented itself and told about their country and team.

The Serbian team received certificates for participation in the competitions, and the guys received unforgettable memories of hospitable Azerbaijan.