As part of the international exercises "Serbia-2019" Russian and Serbian emergency agencies have worked out options for joint actions in the aftermath of large-scale emergencies. Along with the Serbs and Russians, rescuers from five other countries took part in the exercise, including Turkey, Hungary, Cuba, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The medical aspect was not forgotten – along with the provision of first aid to the victims of the earthquake, well-organized by the Serbian Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia demonstrated its developments in this area and delivered an aeromobile hospital to Serbia. After consultations with Serbian colleagues, it was decided to deploy a hospital in the Prokugle area. The historic moment of the 20th anniversary of the deployment of the Russian Emergencies Ministry hospital in this city during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 was also taken into account. Then the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia sent a hospital, medicines, equipment and medical staff – 42 doctors. As it turned out later, in addition to providing medical assistance to more than three thousand people, the hospital played the role of a human shield for the city.Natovtsy did not dare to launch rocket and bomb attacks on the area where Russian specialists worked. In this way, the lives of dozens of civilians in this city were saved.

The hospital worked for about two months. Then the Russian personnel returned to their homeland, and the medical establishment, its equipment and medicines were transferred to the Serbian people.

And now, as in 20 years ago, Russian medics held receptions of residents of the city and consultations, together with their Serbian colleagues. assisted them.

As a commemorative sign of Russian-Serbian friendship, the leaders of the Serbia-19 Exercise, Deputy Minister of emergency situations of Russia A. Chupriyan and Serbian Interior Minister N. Stefanovic on June 27, this year opened a memorial plaque dedicated to this event.

Residents of the city and its mayor A. Simonovich fervently supported the idea of creating a memorial sign and developed his sketch.

I would like to add that this sign is the fourth sign prepared with the participation of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center during the years of its work in the sister country – Memorial plaque in the hospital of the city of Nisha, in honor of the Russian medical personnel assisting Serbian citizens in the First World War, Memorial plaque in memory of the anniversary of the beginning of the work of Russian deminers, who cleared the territory of the airfield of Nisha from the remnants of the bombing. , a monument to the Red Army soldiers who died in the suburb of Nish in 1944.

All employees of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center contribute to strengthening the friendship of our brotherly peoples and try to leave the memory of joint affairs for future generations.