The Center participates in the environmental expedition

At the invitation of the “Zavicaj 1093” Scout Squad, five Center representatives with two motorboats and two vehicles took part in an environmental expedition to survey […]

Firefighters of the Republika Srpska at the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

From 6 to 10 October 2021, the first training course on the program “Basic operation of smoke divers in a fire” was held at RSHC for […]

Participation in the Cossack memorial march

On October 9, at the invitation of the Union of Kozaks on Balkans “Balkan Cossack Host”, the Center employees took part in a march dedicated to […]

Distance learning at RSHC

From 4 to 8 October 2021, following the Plan for professional development of specialists of EMS of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, the distance learning […]

Center at the conference of the Russian Geographical Society

Representatives of the Center took part in the international scientific conference “Theoretical and Practical Issues of Spatial Processes Research: Views of Russian and Serbian Geographers”, organized […]

Scientific and practical webinar “Development of modern firefighting”

On October 1, the three-day scientific and practical webinar “Practical development of modern fire extinguishing. New Forms and Methods, Practical Training”, organized based on the Novy […]

RSHC delegation at the celebrations dedicated to the Day of Volunteer Firefighters of Serbia

In the period from 24 to 26 September, at the invitation of the Firefighters Union of Serbia, representatives of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center provided logistical support […]

Cooperation with the mountaineering club “Mosor” from Niš

At the club’s request and with the aim of further cooperation, on September 21, 2021, instructors of the mountaineering club “Mosor” conducted a climbing course for […]

The new academic year at the Center

In the new academic year, the Russian-Serbian humanitarian continued to train specialists from EMS of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia. From 13 to 17 September, […]